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Do you have a passion around ending the violence experienced by and within LGBTQ+ Communities?  We may have some opportunities to get you involved.

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The Saint Louis Anti-Violence Project works to raise awareness of relational violence within and to LGBTQ+ Communities.  We work tirelessly to advocate for LGBTQ+ identities in Anti-Violence spaces.

As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, we need help seeking out any donations of time, space, or other resources.

The Saint Louis Anti-Violence Project, formerly known as the St. Louis LGBTQ Anti-Violence Task Force, has worked on ending relational violence in LGBTQ+ communities for almost 5 years.  We have conducted field research talking to local LGBTQ+ survivors of violence about their experiences, begun training local anti-violence agencies to become more LGBTQ+ inclusive, and have established ourselves as advocates for LGBTQ+ survivors of violence within anti-violence communities.

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