1. 2010 - A group of local activists come together to end Sexual and Domestic Violence in LGBT Communities
  2. 2012 - The group grows and becomes the St. Louis LGBT Anti-Violence Task Force
  3. 2013 - The Task Force does a community survey that reveals the need for increased survivor support resources for LGBTQ+ folks.
  4. 2015 - The Task Force incorporates into the Saint Louis Anti-Violence Project.


We are always looking for new volunteers!  If you are looking to volunteer, click here.

mission & vision

... To raise awareness of Relational Violence within and to LGBTQ+ Communities.  We focus on education, advocacy, and outreach.

our leadership team

Foundation History

Landon Brownfield
Landon is the President of the Board and advocates for Queer and Trans people through marketing and PR.

Wolf Smith, J.D., M.S.W.
Wolf serves as the Executive Director of the Project, and works tirelessly to help us grow.  Ze has a passion for ending the many types of violence LGBTQ+ people experience.

Jessica Meyers

Jessica is a Board Member in the Project as well as a doctoral student in public policy. She has experience advocating for victims of all types of violence and also brings a passion for creating and giving trainings on victim issues and needs.

Only together can we stop the violence

Jaimie Hileman

Jamie is a Board Member of STLAVP and the Executive Director of Trans Education Services.  An expert in many fields, she advocates for trans identities and experiences across the St. Louis region.

The Saint Louis Anti-Violence Project

Erin Pohl

​​Erin is a Board Member of STLAVP as well as a passionate advocate for not only victims rights, but human rights. She is motivated by identifying opportunities to educate the community on how to eliminate oppression and injustice.

recent programs

We are currently expanding our education programming for local survivor support resources.